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What we can help you with


Need a critical opinion or a gut check on your latest mock-ups, style guide or a quick brainstorming session to uncover unmet needs? You can also use your time to get something going, anything design-related.


A general overview and brainstorming discussion about your customer's experience on your site, product or app can usually net a better retention rate. A set of "fresh eyes" might uncover hurdles faster, saving you time and money.


Want an honest opinion on your new logo or identity package, want to make sure your brand will be unique before you launch or rebrand it, we can definitely help you here.


Thinking about refreshing your site and just want to discuss some solutions, platform or technology before committing resources. Or do you want to get started and need advice on what your steps should be.


Do you have an idea or have you started to build something you think has legs? This is an opportunity to get some feedback or general guidance when it is still in it's infancy, where quick pivots are encouraged and cost a lot less in the long run


Reviews can be made on any type of product, site, identity, business, etc. After receiving your information we can discuss your concerns and explore areas for potential improvements.

How it works

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The Not-so-Fine Print

LIVEATOM reserves the right to make any selection as it sees fit. Meeting the requirements does not constitute automatic qualification. Logistics and time constraints will also affect scheduling consults.

This service is provided to entrepreneurs, start-ups or businesses that want guidance and advice at a stage of the business where they cannot afford agency or regular contracting fees. It can also be used as a second opinion if all requirements are met.


What to expect

As a user of this service you will be expected to disclose as much information necessary for an accurate discussion. This is a short conversation where many decisions can/might be made and they are all based on available information.

LIVEATOM will not sign NDAs or any type of document that deals with Intellectual Property (IP). Please do not reveal any proprietary information to LIVEATOM if you do not feel comfortable doing so. Professional handling of sensitive information and potential conflict of interest will be managed with the utmost discretion.

Our discussion will revolve around YOUR needs, so please come prepared. It is possible that we do not come to a resolution within the allotted time so there is a possibility of a follow up discussion either through email or phone. This scenario will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and it will not be the default protocol as the purpose of LIVEATOM is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible.

LIVEATOM is not the Oracle. We do not know everything. Solutions stem from both healthy and open discussions. Experience and information from both sides of the table will facilitate the discovery of potential solutions. You agree and accept that it is possible that nothing might come out of a meeting, other than having an hour-long brainstorming session on the topic you have chosen to discuss.


We will need to verify that you are eligible for a free consultation. To make sure the vetting process is fast and smooth you will have to fall within one of these areas:


In order to have a great discussion, please pick a topic you want to discuss and send us any literature relevant to the business, design or product problem you are trying to solve. This will allow us to review and also prepare for our discussion.

This information can be sent in the form below or via email if you prefer so.

Do not send any IP if you are not comfortable with it.

LIVEATOM will not sign ANY document related to IP, no exception.

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